The Historic Presqu’Isle Foundation

Started in 2016, the Historic Presqu’Isle Foundation Inc. aims to preserve, interpret and sustain Presqu’Isle — a Piedmont estate of social, architectural and historical significance — so that its natural and cultural resources may be of charitable and educational benefit to the public. The Foundation is in the process of seeking 501(c)3 non-profit status.
In addition to managing, supervising and controlling the business, property and affairs of the Foundation, the Board of Directors oversee the following standing committees:


The focus of the Foundation’s Preservation Committee shall be to oversee property maintenance, historically-appropriate improvements to existing structures and historically-informed landscaping. The Committee shall also be responsible for interpreting and curating spaces open for public tours and exhibits


The focus of the Engagement Committee shall be to enable and encourage the public to experience Presqu’Isle’s important natural and historical resources, by planing and executing activities such as tours, exhibits, festivals, holiday events and outdoor recreation. Additionally the foundation will seek to partner with one or two Virginia universities to provide instructor-led educational opportunities for students.


With an aim to generate enough revenue to cover the organization’s regular operating expenses, including property maintenance, the Sustainability Committee will oversee the operations of Presqu’Isle as a historic park—offering public and private events on the property. Fundraising—focused primarily on securing capital for acquisitions of property, furnishings or artifacts, large-scale property improvements and an endowment fund—shall also be a key responsibility of the Committee.

Board of Directors

Josh Millson-Martula, Chairman of the Board, and Aaron Mastin, Secretary and acting Treasurer, are proud to be the current stewards of Presqu’Isle and to lend their experience in corporate marketing and period set and costume design, respectively, to the Historic Presqu’Isle Foundation. Since moving to the estate from New York City in May 2015, they have worked diligently to preserve and restore Presqu’Isle to its former glory—an ongoing labor of love. They gladly welcome you and your guests to experience for yourselves what makes Presqu’Isle so special.
Diane Logan, Director, has been a driving force in Culpeper’s resurgence as a historic and tourist destination. She has also served as director of a house museum and archives and genealogical library and produced a number of living history programs and a genealogical magazine. Additionally, she currently serves as the President of the Board of Directors of the Friends of Cedar Mountain Battlefield.

Image courtesy of Amy Fewell Photography